Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL


Delivery Method: CertCamps, Virtual Live Instructor Led Training, Customer Onsite Training, Classroom Training

Duration: 4 Day class

Price: $ 2495

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This course requires students to have an understanding of Linux fundamentals as well as SQL.

Become a Certified PostgreSQL Administrator:

Candidates are highly recommended to attend extensive hands-on training (4 days). After successful completion of training program, candidates are encouraged to pass the PostgreSQL Administrator exam in order to get certified.

Target Audience

Database Administrator, Programmers, Developers and Open Source Technology Specialists. This instructor-led hands-on certification training program requires students to have an understanding of Linux fundamentals as well as basic SQL.

Certification Exam Number & Details

Exam Number: PG900

Exam Fee: $195

Exam Requirements: All candidates interested in becoming Certified PostgreSQL DBA are encouraged to attend hands-on instructor-led training at CertFirst or through one of its affiliated partners.

Exam Details:

Number Of Questions:60 Questions

Time Allocated:90 Minutes

Minimum Pass Requirement: 70%

Certification Renewal is required every three years.

Renewal Options:

Option “A”: Candidates can either take the latest certification exam and must pass it in order to renew their certification status


Option “B”: Attend our one-day upgrade course and upon completion of the program candidates will be able to successfully renew their certification for next three years.

Existing candidates, want to know the current status of your certification? Send an e-mail to with your personal details to

Course Description:

How to set up an Amazon RDS

  • Amazon RDS Deployments
  • Pre-configured Parameters
  • Monitoring and Metrics
  • DB Event Notifications
  • Automatic Software Patching
  • Performance
  • General Purpose (SSD)
  • Provisioned IOPS (SSD
  • Create a DB Instance
  • Backup & Recovery
  • DB Snapshots
  • Automated Backups
  • Point-in-time restores and backups
  • Push-Button Scaling
  • Storage and IOPS
  • DB Instance Class
  • Replication
  • Read Replicas
  • Multi-AZ Deployments
  • Isolation and Security

How to set up an Amazon RDS

  • Using SSL to connect to a DB instance running PostgreSQL
  • Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL and Compliance with many industry standards
  • Compliance Industry Standards:
  • Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL databases to build HIPAA-compliant applications
  • Storing healthcare related information, including protected health information (PHI)
  • Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL & FedRAMP
  • PostgreSQL Features Supported by Amazon RDS
  • PostgreSQL Features Supported
  • PostGIS
  • Language Extensions
  • Full Text Search Dictionaries
  • HStore, JSON Data Types
  • pg_stat_statements
  • Foreign data wrappers
  • Core PostgreSQL engine features

Training Options: