Course Number: -PG900U
Delivery Method: CertCamps,Virtual Live Instructor Led Training,Customer Onsite Training,Classroom Training,
Price (US$): 995.00
Early Bird Price (US$): 795
Virtual Live Price (US$): 795
Duration: 1 Day
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Certification Exam Number & Details

Candidates who are currently Certified PostgreSQL DBA’s from CertFirst and want to attend this session in order to renew their existing certification are encouraged to attend this session.

Target Audience

Existing PostgreSQL DBA’s using older versions.

Pre – Requisite

PostgreSQL Knowledge of 8.x or 9.x.

 Introduction to Database upgrades

  • Various Methods
  • pg_upgrade tool
  • Why Upgrading Postgres Is Complex
  • Release History
  • Major enhancements in PostgreSQL 9.6
  • Preparing for upgrade
  • Upgrade without Downtime
  • pg_dump utility (logical backup)
  • Slony-I
  • Limitations
  • Bucardo
  • Disadvantages
  • Dblinks
  • Querying Remote servers with DbLink and Bulk Insert

Postgresql 8.3 upgrade limitations

  • Upgrade options
  • Upgrade Syntax
  • Standby Setup
  • Post upgrade steps
  • Sample Run: Performance Consistency Checks
  • Sample Run: Performing Migration
  • Sample Run: Completion
  • Possible Data Format Changes
  • Speed Comparison
  • Backout Plan
  • Foreign Data Wrappers(postgres_fdw)
  • Creating a foreign table with postgres_fdw
  • Create a foreign table with CREATE FOREIGN TABLE
  • Pglogical
  • Architectural details
  • Why Pg_Upgrade & Usage
  • Compatibility Matrix

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