Certified PostgreSQL Developer (CPSDBD)

Course Number: PG900DEV
Course Name: Certified PostgreSQL Developer (CPSDBD)
Course Price: 3495.00

Course Number: -PG900DEV

Delivery Method: CertCamps,Virtual Live Instructor Led Training,Customer Onsite Training,Classroom Training

Early Bird Price (US$): 2995

Virtual Live Price (US$): 2995

Duration: 4 Days

Course Description

Become a Certified PostgreSQL Developer by attending CertFirst’s Instructor-led extensive hands-on CPSDBD training & certification program. Candidates must pass the certification exam in order to successfully complete the certification requirements.

Attend CertFirst CPSDBD training + Pass the Certification Exam = Certified PostgreSQL Database Developer

  • Getting Started with PostgreSQL: Basic Development
    • Writing Queries using psql
    • Creating, Altering and Truncating a Table
    • Inserting, Deleting, and Updating Data from the Tables
    • Data Types, Operators, and Usage
    • PostgreSQL Constraints
  • The Procedural Language: PL/pgSQL
  • Working with Indexes
  • Triggers & Rules
  • Window Functions
  • Interface Details (.Net, DBI, etc.) 
  • Statement behaviour
  • Optimization
  • Partitioning
  • PostgreSQL Large Objects
  • Foreign Data Wrappers
  • PostgreSQL Using LibPQ
  • Extensions


  • Basic Structured Programming Knowledge or experience
  • Linux or Windows OS 
  • PostgreSQL basics and/or SQL basics

Target Audience:

  • Database Developers
  • Database Administrators
  • Database Architects

Certification Exam Number & Details:

Exam Number: PG900DEV

Exam Fee: $295

Exam Requirements: All candidates interested in becoming Certified PostgreSQL Developer are encouraged to attend hands-on instructor-led training at CertFirst or through one of its affiliated partners.

Exam Details:

Number Of Questions:60 Questions

Time Allocated: 90 Minutes

Minimum Pass Requirement: 70%

Certification Renewal is required every three years.

Renewal Options:

Option “A”: Candidates can either take the latest certification exam and must pass it in order to renew their certification status


Option “B”: Attend our one-day upgrade course and upon completion of the program candidates will be able to successfully renew their certification¬†for next three years.

Existing candidates, want to know the current status of your certification? Send an e-mail with your personal details to support@certfirst.comTo Request Schedules and Additional Course Details send an email to Training@certfirst.com or call 1-630-684-0355. This training is offered worldwide onsite, classroom instructor led, virtual live. To schedule a session in your city please send an email to training@certfirst.com. For more information on how CertFirst can assist you please Contact Us
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