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Eligibility and Program Rules:

– A US citizen or permanent resident
– Currently unemployed – Need to submit the scholarship application along with a letter from the unemployment office or a copy of unemployment check via fax, in person or email – Applications will be reviewed on a first come first serve basis. Accepted applicants will be contacted by the Account Manager to finalize your registration

Scholarship Funds can be used for the following purposes on mutually agreed terms:

Partial tuition Balance, course-ware, exam fees and travel cost If PostgresqlCert wants you to attend special seminars or training sessions out of City then PostgresqlCert Scholarship funds will be used toward travel and lodging. PostgresqlCert is not responsible for any other miscellaneous expenses such as local travel etc. Scholarships are non-transferable and can only be used by the person who has been awarded the scholarship.
Payment must be received at the time of registrations and no refunds will be issued. Scholarship funds may not be used in conjunction with any other discounts/special offers or towards any other products such as computer hardware, software, and vendor certification exams. If the student drops out of the program and does complete the training he/she must return 100% scholarship funds back within 5 business days from the date of his/her withdrawal from the program. If scholarship funds are approved for exam vouchers then they will be only released once the training fully completed and full Govt. voucher payment has been released for the remaining payment.

Scholarship Form:

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