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Our dedicated exam hosting site, ExamIT is focused on providing complete on-line assessment services including Certification exams, Pre-assessment exams, Practice & Mock exams, Exam hosting & proctoring services for selected vendors. Our on-line exam engine gives you the platform to create certification and assessment exams that can measure effectiveness of your training programs and products. Contact us to find out how ExamIT can help you!
ExamIT can help organizations who want to host technical assessment exams for their employees or potential employees/contractors. Independent certification trainers who would like to add a revenue channel can develop practice exams and host it with ExamIT on revenue sharing basis.

Hosting Price for Practice exams:

There are no administrative fees for hosting practice exams. All revenues from sales is divided 70%/30% where ExamIT will promote the practice exams on exclusive basis. We will not permit the hosting of the same exam by multiple individuals thus ensuring you exclusivity.

Hosting Price for Recruiting Firms/HR Department:

Recruiting firms and HR departments only pay the administrative cost of $500/exam and $5/exam/candidate.
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Innovative Technology The assessment engine is based on leading Learning Management Systems which provides Interoperability and flexibility.
Customized Delivery Flexible delivery options allows your company to select the most cost effective and results oriented delivery mechanism. Our consultants will help you select the best option.
Assessment Consulting Offering expert consulting on test content development and assessment strategies to improve learning outcomes.
Hosted Platform Choose from a pay-as-you-go or annual contract and only deal with setting up the assessment and let ExamIT maintain the infrastructure.
Biometric Security Integration Options available to authenticate your exam candidates through facial or finger print authentication, we got a solution for you, ask our consultants for special biometric Authentication Integration for your hosting needs.
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