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PostgreSQLCert is a dedicated PostgreSQL Training, Certification & Services division of CertFirst (A leading Global Open Source and Security certification Training Provider). CertFirst became the first company in 2005 to launch a structured PostgreSQL Training & Certification program and has
successfully provided hands-on Instructor-led training to hundreds of clients world-wide.
PostgreSQLCert offers vendor Neutral certification programs so the client can get to learn about all available options in the market NOT just focused on one vendor who is just trying to promote their own products and services. PostgreSQLCert goal is provide the best possible non-bias training & certification possible to all its clients.

Get an Edge, Get Certified

By becoming Certified from CertFirst PostgreSQLCert provides effective PostgreSQL skills, confidence and client/employer’s trust that you are a PostgreSQL Subject Matter Expert. Obtaining a PostgreSQL Certification from PostgreSQL Cert affirms a database professional’s position as a knowledgeable and skilled asset with the required knowledge & skills in the PostgreSQL database technology.
CertFirst certification programs sets the global standard for the commercial PostgreSQL professionals, and individuals certified under these programs fill a growing and critical need for PostgreSQL knowledge in the enterprise environments. World-class companies continuously examine business processes, employee performance and aggressively apply solutions to help them improve in training their employees to keep up with the technology and stay effective in an ever changing technology environment. PostgreSQLCert
can assist you in achieving and maintaining your competitive edge.
PostgreSQLCert offers Hands-on Instructor-led training & certification programs related to all core exam topics and offer certification programs and testing at both at their locations or exams can also be proctored in a convenient on-line format through a partner Exam testing site.
PostgreSQLCert currently offers the following training & certification programs:
• PostgreSQL Fundamentals – 1 Day
• Certified PostgreSQL DBA (CPSDBA) – 4 Days Certification Program
• Certified PostgreSQL Developer (CPDBD) – 4 Days Certification Program
• Upgrading to PostgreSQL 12.X– 1 Day
• Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL – 4 Days
• Linux Essentials for PostgreSQL DBAs – 1 Day
• Replication, Backup & Disaster Recovery – 2 Days
• Data warehousing & Partitioning – 1 Day
• Certified PostgreSQL Database Security Expert – 2 Days, Certification
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