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Upgrading to PostgreSQL 12.x released the new version of PostgreSQL 12 on October 3, 2019, the world’s most advanced open source database. PostgreSQL 12.X is now available with many impressive , beneficial and critical improvements to query performance (particularly over larger data sets and overall space utilization) among other important features.
In this one day hands-on training program, we’ll take a look at some of these new features and show you how to get and install this new PostgreSQL 12 version and as well as explore best practices and considerations to take into account when upgrading.

Course Information:

Course Number: -PGU
Delivery Method: CertCamps,Virtual Live Instructor Led Training,Customer Onsite Training,Classroom Training,
Duration: 1 Day


Basic SQL & Linux OS

Target Audience:

Existing Oracle, MySQL or Microsoft DBA’s or new candidates interested in joining the DBA world!

Prerequisite: Knowledge of PostgreSQL 8x and above

Course Description:

Introduction to Database upgrades

• Various Methods

• pg_upgrade tool

  • Why Upgrading Postgres Is Complex
    Release History
    Major enhancements in PostgreSQL 9.6
    Preparing for upgrade
    Upgrade without Downtime
    pg_dump utility (logical backup)
    Querying Remote servers with DbLink and Bulk Insert
    Foreign Data Wrappers(postgres_fdw)
    Creating a foreign table with postgres_fdw
    Create a foreign table with CREATE FOREIGN TABLE
    Architectural details
    Why Pg_Upgrade & Usage
    Compatibility Matrix
    Postgresql 8.3 upgrade limitations
    Upgrade options
    Upgrade Syntax
    Standby Setup
    Post upgrade steps
    Sample Run: Performance Consistency Checks
    Sample Run: Performing Migration
    Sample Run: Completion
    Possible Data Format Changes
    Speed Comparison
    Backout Plan

Training Calendar

Delivery Methods:

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